About PrestaMarketing

We are a small team of experts in Prestashop, web design and online marketing strategies & CRO. We cooperate creating and sharing modules, material and content useful for Prestashop users.

Our beginnings were almost accidentally, when we created the Custom Billing module at the end of 2012, wich was well received among Prestashop users in Spain. We realized that there was much to contribute in this beautiful community, many traders needed technical support, and little by little we have been bringing new resources, modules and now also themes.

By now we're working, basically, on:

  1. Billing Modules
  2. Max Conversions modules, specially Landing Page module for Product Campaigns
  3. Integrating Wordpress on Prestashop

Why PrestaMarketing?

As the name suggests, Prestamarketing is a commitment to integrate Prestashop and online marketing strategies with a clear focus to maximize sales. Prestamarketing is a little team that works around Prestashop to help you sell more and better every day.

We want to help you

If you need help from Prestashop or eCommerce strategies specialists  for your project, you can contact us through the contact form. We try to do our best work. Read you soon!